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Need help?

The purchase of our parts is just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between us and you. Be it product knowledge, or help making this process easy, we urge you to reach us at (800) 367-3330. In the meantime here's a list of questions we're frequently asked, with some helpful answers. To send us an email, please CLICK HERE.

How do I place an order on your website?

Once you've selected the parts you need and place them in your shopping cart, click checkout to go to our account log in screen. If you are a new customer, follow the instructions to create a new account. If you are a returning customer, just log in with your email address and password.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Case Vantage, Farm Plan and PayPal. We also accept bank wire transfers.

Is my credit card information protected?

Yes. Our website is encrypted using SSL (https://). Our credit card payment processor and our website is fully PCI compliant. It is impossible for anyone at Progressive Tractor to see your actual credit card information.

What options do I have for placing an order?

You may order online at, or by phone (800) 367-3330, or you can email us your part order at

I have never ordered from you before, how do I start?

You need to begin by creating a new account on our website. This information is found in the "My Cart Account" dropdown on the Parts Homepage.

How do I search for parts to add to my cart?

You first visit the Parts Store. You can either search by clicking on the "Our Brands" menu item and searching through there, or utilizing the Search bar at the top of the page. When searching, please make sure to enter either a part number or a keyword and hit the search icon to the right. When the part is found, click on the cart icon to place into your shopping cart.

What happens when I have all I need in my shopping cart?

When you have everything you need, checkout is next. To proceed to checkout, you can access your shopping cart with the Shopping Cart icon or in the "My Cart Account" dropdown. Follow the instructions to complete your order.

When will my order ship?

If all parts are in stock and the order is placed before 10AM CST, your order will ship the same day. Stock orders placed after 10AM CST will ship the following day. 75% of orders ship the same or next business day, the remainder may take just a few days for the order to be completed.

What if the parts I ordered are not in stock?

Each manufacturer has a certain amount of lead time required to fulfill an order. Most ordered parts arrive to PTI within 5 business days of the order, and will then ship to you upon our receipt of the part.

Will I receive a tracking number?

You will receive a tracking number for all packages shipping from PTI. You will not for drop or direct shipped orders. You can login to your PTI account to track your order.

My Tracking Number is invalid?

When a part ships from PTI, you'll receive an email with the tracking number as soon as we print the shipping label. The tracking number is not valid for a few hours after UPS/Fedex have picked up the package.

Do you have a return Policy?

Yes, our return policy guidelines are below:

  • Qualifying parts may be returned within 30 days.
  • Parts that have been installed, open kits, electrical parts, and manuals are not returnable.
  • Parts must be returned in their original packaging and be in resalable condition.
  • Non-stock or special ordered parts are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  • Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

To request an RGA (Return Goods Authorization).

Please follow the steps below for your returned part(s). See Printable Instructions HERE.

  • Please call (800) 367-3330 and request a return authorization number from a representative. You can also request a RGA by completing our Returns Form HERE.
  • Return Authorizations are valid for 14 days.
  • Representatives are available Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM and Saturday 8AM - 12PM EST.
  • Send Returns to:
    Progressive Tractor Implement
    2129 West Main
    Ville Platte, LA 70586

How do we handle users private information?

We set up an account for you with your name, address and phone information for our own use. In no instance will your information for our own use. In no instance will your information be shared or sold to any third party.

How is my credit card information handled?

We use a "PCI Compliant" merchant company. English.. we don't store your card info. When you submit your payment info on our website its sent directly to our merchant with no trace on our servers. We are given a unique charging ID that we can use to transact on your credit card, but is no good to any party in the event of a data breach.

How do you use browser cookies?

We do use a cookies to keep the contents of your shopping cart. This cookie will expire and be removed from your computer within two weeks.

How is sales tax collected?

We Charge Destination Based State Tax for anything shipped. If the parts are picked up at one of our stores then the sales tax at that store will be charged. We can exempt those with proper agricultural or resale numbers.

Terms and Conditions of a sale

Our goal is always to sell you the right parts the first time. In the event you are supplied the wrong item by our staff we will make it right at no cost to you. Orders placed without the assistance of our staff are subject to any shipping and restocking costs to correct the error.

Part Availability and Pricing Changes?

Selling parts online is challenging. We have over 200 thousand part numbers in our database, but we often do not know if our vendors still have a part available, or if they have substituted one part for another. Our website reflects our best guess as availability and pricing on items we don't have in stock, but it’s not always correct. Our staff can occasionally find discontinued items, or we may go to order a part and find the details have changed. That said, we reserve the right to update pricing and availability beyond what’s posted online.

Do you ship parts orders internationally?

Yes. We can ship all parts internationally, with the exception of Kubota parts. Kubota parts may only be sold and shipped domestically in the United States. Import duties, taxes, and changes are not included and are the responsibility of the buyer. Please check with your counties customs office to determine what these costs maybe prior to buying.

Why can't you ship Kubota parts internationally?

Kubota’s dealer contract does not allow retailers to sell into other countries. They are strictly enforcing this clause.

What freight carriers do you use to ship internationally?

We primarily use Fedex for international shipments. For some large orders we may need to contract with a freight forwarder to ship your parts. We're very experienced with international shipments, and welcome the opportunity to serve you.

How long will my order take to ship internationally?

Most packages shipped UPS or Fedex will be delivered within 5-7 business days. Please be aware that Progressive can’t predict what delays may occur at the customs entry point of your country. Those delays will be out of our control.

Why am I being asked to pay with a wire transfer rather than a credit card?

Any international order over a predetermined dollar amount will require a wire transfer for payment. This is to combat credit card fraud. Once a relationship is established with a customer we may allow other payment options.

How do you ship packages?

We use UPS, FedEx, United States Postal Service and common carrier truck freight. UPS is our primary carrier.

Can I bill shipping costs to my UPS or FedEx account number?

Yes. When placing your order, please provide your account number to the account representative you speak to, or provide your account number in the notes field when placing a web order.

How are your freight costs determined?

All shipping costs are determined by the size of the package and the weight. At times dimensional sizes will escalate a package into a higher rate category, than what the actual weight would call for. A large package surcharge will be applied to each UPS package whose length plus girth combined exceeds 130 inches but does exceed the maximum UPS size of 165 inches.

I need my package urgently. Can I request expedited freight service.

Yes. Domestic orders placed by 10:00 AM Central time, Monday through Friday would be eligible for expedited freight services. Freight costs for these services will be determined by the service requested, and the size and weight of the package being shipped.

Why is the cost of shipping so high for a small part?

UPS, FedEx and USPS have minimum charges regardless of the size and cost of the part. Often times adding additional parts to a small order will not significantly increase the freight charge.

My web order did not show a freight cost.

A customer service rep will contact you with an estimated freight cost. The parts you ordered may be heavy or oversized and our freight calculator was unable to determine a fair cost.

I received a freight cost on my web order, and now received an email or phone call indicating my freight costs are higher. Why?

The most likely explanation is that our freight calculator was unable to determine dimensional size and or weight, and upon processing your shipment, the freight handling software calculated a freight cost much higher than we originally estimated. We offer millions of part numbers and don't have sizes or weights for many items.

I am an international customer, and I received an additional freight charge when my package was delivered.

Progressive only charges for the parts and the cost of freight to ship to your country. Any customs fees, GST or VAT charges added to your order by your government are your responsibility.

My shipping costs seem unreasonable.

Our goal is to recover the actual cost of shipping parts. If your freight rate seems out of line, feel free to contact us for other shipping methods.

I am tax exempt, but your website is charging me sales tax.

We have sales tax licenses to collect in PA, CT, NJ, and MD, on the order summary page there is a checkbox to remove the sales tax from your order. Progressive Tractor must have a tax card on file with your exemption number to not collect sales tax in these states. We will verify this exists before processing your order. Falsely checking this box will delay your order.

Can you ship batteries?

Only those that are dry. Wet batteries that are filled with acid can not be shipped.

What is Pre-Authorization?

A pre-authorization is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit / debit card. The pre-authorization is NOT a charge and you are not responsible for paying for it. Pre-authorizations of your card do not mean that Progressive has received any money for your order.

What amount is Pre-Authorized?

The amount of the order plus freight.

When is a card Pre-Authorized?

All credit / debit cards are pre-authorized when a customer enters his credit card number during the checkout process. The authorization will take place before you even submit your order.

Why is a Pre-Authorization Necessary?

Unlike most businesses with regards to credit / debit cards, we sometimes must special order parts several days prior to actually shipping the parts, and getting paid for them. When you the customer give us a credit / debit card, the preauthorization guarantees us that the credit / debit card you gave as future payment will indeed be able to accept our charge. If we did not get a pre-authorization on the card, then someone could in effect go out and max out his or her available balance, leaving Progressive with out the ability to collect payment for ordered parts.

When is the Pre-Authorization released?

This depends on your individual credit / debit card. Upon shipment of your parts, the actual charge of the invoice will get posted to your credit / debit card. Once our actual charge is posted it can take anywhere from 24 hours to up to 3 weeks for the pre-authorization to be removed by your credit / debit card company.

Can the Pre-Authorization be removed sooner?

This again depends on your credit / debit card company. We are unable to remove pre-authorizations directly through our business, we can only authorize them. We have found that most credit / debit card companies remove the preauthorization within 72 hours of our actual charge being posted.

When did Progressive Tractor begin this practice?

We have been preauthorizing credit / debit cards for quite some time. This is not a new practice nor do we hide the fact that we must do this. This is a standard practice in the business community. Since debit cards are more in use, and are tied directly to a customer’s checking / savings account rather than a credit account, more customer’s have had questions regarding this practice. We thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation.

Where else may I see this?

The most common Pre-Authorization is done at a gas pump, when swiping your card a pre-authorization is done for $75-100 before you've pumped any fuel to make sure that funds are available. Once you are done, the pre-auth is replaced with the actual charge.

Is my package insured? If so, what is the cost?

All packages are automatically insured up to $100.00. Each additional $100.00 will incur a small incremental charge.

What about insurance for international shipments?

The maximum declared value per individual packages can't exceed $50,000.00.

How do I make the screen larger?

Zoom holding Ctrl(+) and zoom out using Ctrl(-) or you can also hold Ctrl and scroll using the wheel on your mouse. If you are using a mac you will hold the Command key instead of the Ctrl key.

How do I advance through the part diagrams?

Use the green arrows at top of diagram to advance forward or backwards, or select the diagram from the tree on the left.

How do I print the diagrams?

In the parts catalog, click share, then print. A PDF will load that will print properly. This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I see that part I need #3, but underneath that part I see#3.1. What does the .1 mean?

Manufacturers often substitute part numbers with a newer number. The .1 or .2 etc. is Progressive way of communicating what the current replacement part number is. One complex part can be replaced by multiple smaller parts.

I see part #.A below the part I am interested in. It's much cheaper. What is that?

Progressive inserts aftermarket or cross referenced parts into our manufactures catalogs to give you more ordering options. The #.A indicates an aftermarket option.

Who do I contact with website problems?

We need to hear from you! Email and our webmaster will look into your trouble. Its very helpful to know what operating system you are running (windows XP,Vista,7, Mac, etc) and what internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc). Your feedback is invaluable.

My dealership would like a website like yours. What company did it?

Our website was developed by Sandhills Publishing. You can visit their site at

I received a message that a part is on back order. Now what happens?

Your entire order will be held for shipment until the back ordered part arrives, unless you instruct us to ship your order incomplete. Shipping an order incomplete will incur additional freight charges for the additional shipments.

May I cancel a back ordered part?

Yes. You may cancel a back ordered part. Please call (800) 367-3330 to cancel the part. Please note that in certain instances the manufacturer may have already shipped the part to us before you call to cancel. In this instance we will not be able to stop the shipment, and restock charges may apply if you don’t want the part.

How long do back orders take to fill?

Each manufacturer is different. It could be a few days to as many as a few weeks. In rare instances, back orders can drag on for months until a vendor is found to fill the order.

How many different manufacturers do you support

Our total number of vendors supported exceeds 250. Our main line of vendors includes the following companies:
Case IH, Kubota, Macdon, Sunflower, Bushhog, Rhino, Landpride, Unverferth, Trimble, Kinze, Brandt, Brent, Orthman, Bigham, Ashland, Reynolds, Rome, Tufline, Ag Spray, Great Plains, Amco, McFarlane, Shelbourne, Demco, Wilrich, Nammco, Woods.
Please call us at (800) 367-3330 to determine if we can assist you with a manufacturer you do not see listed above.

How do I contact PTI with questions?

We have multiple ways for you to contact us. Please see your options below:
(800) 367-3330
View All Location Contact Numbers and Fax Numbers
Email Addresses:
Support & General Questions:
Parts Questions:
Service Questions:

Why should I do business with PTI?

Progressive is a full service equipment dealer providing world class parts, sales and after sales support. We support a broad clientele in the agricultural, construction and consumer segments and will do our best to provide top quality experiences to each of our customers, regardless or their need or location.

How many locations does Progressive provide service from?

We currently operate 14 locations in Louisianca and Southern Arkansas.
See All of our Locations with Contacts.

Do you have a Catalog?

No. All we have to offer can be found on our website or researched by calling a representative at (800) 367-3330

How do you determine left-hand or right-hand?

Left Hand or Right Hand is determined by sitting in the seat looking in the direction of travel.

What does BSN mean?

BSN stands for before serial number. Verify your serial number and determine if your serial number is BSN the number listed.

What does ASN mean?

ASN stands for after serial number. Verify your serial number and determine if your serial number is ASN the number listed.

If I have a technical question, is someone available to answer my question?

Yes. We have individuals in service who are able to assist with technical questions. These service individuals have many responsibilities, and may not always be available for a question at the time of your call. Voicemails may need to be left in these instances.

Will my parts be OEM or aftermarket parts?

The vast majority of parts sold will be OEM parts of the highest quality. In certain instances, our only option will be aftermarket, however we will almost always lead with OEM.